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Hamza TestNet Is Released – How to Navigate on “The Raft”

January 29, 2024
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Dear early user of the Loadpipe protocol,

The team at Hamza, the first marketplace for the Loadpipe protocol, are ready for boarding. 

We are releasing to you a “raft” on the Hamza river, a TestNet beta of a new ecommerce marketplace. 

And we need your help using this raft.

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We want to hear from you, your thoughts, your requests, and dreams of what a 2 sided multi vendor ecommerce marketplace powered by a blockchain should look and feel like.

First, Why Is This Called “The Raft”?

For those not familiar, Hamza is a river in South America. From Wikipedia:

The Hamza and the Amazon are the two main drainage systems for the Amazon Basin. The reported flow rate of the Hamza, at approximately 3,000 cubic metres (110,000 cu ft) per second, is 3% of the Amazon’s.[3] It runs west to east, some 4,000 metres (13,000 ft) below the Earth’s surface, and follows roughly the path of the Amazon River


And what we are introducing in our road map is a very VERY early stage beta that we are only ever releasing on TestNet. Because this is a bit of an early stage prototype, we are code naming it “The Raft” – as in parallel we are building a “ship” to navigate this Hamza river. 

How Can You Join Us On The Raft in the Hamza?

This is a true milestone in the transformation of ecommerce on the blockchain – and we want you to get involved. 

1. Learn how to connect to the Hamza

This is powered by the Ethereum blockchain and we have Eth testnet enabled. You can connect your Eth wallet to Hamza and get familiar with how the login flow of blockchain systems is different from what you are used to on traditional websites (that use email and password).

2. Make some test purchases and other functions

We have listed out those various functions from ease of use to more challenging below.

Login with wallet
Place an Order
Apply as Vendor
Approved as Vendor
List Product as Vendor
Affiliate Link Creation
Affiliate Transaction

** You will need Testnet Eth *** 
This will be on Optimism, an L2 of Ethereum.

The other one is Ethereum Sepolia.

Payments are supported on both faucets.


Sepolia PoW Faucet
Ethereum Sepolia Faucet

3. Join our discord and provide feedback and engage

4. Complete our user feedback survey

5. Ensure you have signed up to our email list for announcements of next steps and journeys on the Hamza river. 

6. Share with your friends and embark on this journey to the new way of doing ecommerce, together. 

Let’s All Build Up This Raft on the Hamza As One Community

It is not just a technical exercise with testnet. It is a call to the community and internet at large. Are you tired of the way the current web and ecommerce is going? TOS changes and banning of accounts. Restrictions in accounts and other hassles for both buyers and sellers.

Then start the journey to a community owned and governed ecommerce protocol.

Join us as a community starting with the Raft testnet of Hamza ecommerce marketplace.