Using the Loadpipe Protocol

Hamza Decentralized ECommerce Marketplace

By leveraging blockchain technology and incorporating its native cryptocurrency, Hamza aims to revolutionize the e-commerce industry and create a seamless experience for all participants involved.
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the beauty of nature and the power of technology,

An Unparalleled Experience

Hamza is not only the largest underground river, but also a remarkable phenomenon of nature. With its slow and steady flow, it captivates the senses and instills a sense of tranquility.

Moreover, just like the magnificent Hamza river, is also a groundbreaking achievement in the world of commerce. It stands as the pioneer, being the first-ever marketplace constructed upon Loadpipe's innovative ecommerce protocol.

Made for Sellers and Ecommerce Veterans


For sellers, the process begins with getting whitelisted on the Loadpipe Protocol, a step that establishes trust and authenticity. Once approved, sellers gain access to list their products for sale on Hamza, reaching a wide audience of potential buyers.


Buyers on Hamza can utilize their cryptocurrencies to make purchases with confidence. One key advantage is that sellers on the platform are required to lock up funds on the Loadpipe protocol. This locking mechanism ensures that sellers have a vested interest in delivering the goods promptly and upholding their quality.

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More About the Hamza River

If curious about Hamza “river” - seems it is Under the amazon river and is very slow and salty water so there is not consensus if it is a real river

The Hamza "river" and the Amazon River form a geologically unusual instance of a twin-river system flowing at different levels of the Earth's crust.